BatterBee USB Rechargeable AA Battery (4-Pack) w/ Free USB Power Meter

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  • Works like a regular AA battery
  • Charges in most phone chargers and any USB port
  • Each battery replaces around 500 disposable batteries, your four pack could replace 2000 disposable batteries
  • Lithium Ion Battery – same as your phone battery
  • Includes FREE USB port power meter to tell you which cables and USB ports give you the most power
  • Free one year warranty

Charge Anywhere

The problem with other rechargeable batteries is finding the charger when you need it. The new BatterBee (Battery USB) is a AA battery that recharges from any USB charger for phones or gadgets. Now you can recharge your AA batteries practically anywhere.

Always On Hand

Since the BatterBee is rechargeable in any USB port, you never have to worry about running out of batteries when you really need them. You can always keep one set charged as a back-up and rotate them for a never ending battery cycle!

Save the Earth

Each year, Americans throw away three BILLION batteries. A four pack of BatterBees could prevents 2000 of those batteries from going into the landfill each year. That’s about saving about 100 pounds of wasted toxic material. Not only do they save you time and money, BatterBees are helping saving the Earth.