FireBee Power Tower

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Now you can make electricity from the chimney on your stove or fireplace to power phones, LED lights, and even air blowers for improved combustion. The FireBee produces real 5 Watt charging power.  That's enough to charge Android or iPhones and light up your cabin with LED lights.  It even boils water for cooking while making power.

The Power Tower is the most powerful thermoelectric generator of its kind. Even a small amount of heat makes a lot of power. You can customize it to fit in a chimney, or with a small burner of alcohol or propane, or with a camp stove.

The Power Tower has two outputs:  A USB 5V 2A charging port, and a 12V 125mA wire terminal for trickle charging 12V batteries.  More heat means more USB charging power.  

The Power Tower is cooled with a water reservoir that will eventually boil when the Power Tower is used for more than 45 minutes.  The boiling water can be drained through the spout on the side of the tower for cooking or washing.  Fill it again with cold water and see the power boost!   Please note - it is critical to always keep the water reservoir filled above the spout line to avoid overheating the power modules.


Small Camp Stove/Propane Burner: Simply position the thermoelectric generator above the heat source. To achieve maximum performance, the Power Tower needs to be directly over the flame.

Wood Stove/Stove Chimney: To attach the Power Tower to a wood stove chimney, use a hacksaw to remove the base below the thermoelectric generator, cut a square that is 2 13/16 inches wide and 4 inches tall in the chimney, and simply slide the Power Tower into the slot. 

Coming Soon:  The BlowerBee is a USB-powered small fan in a fireproof sleeve that blows air into your stove or fire to make it burn more efficiently.   Follow Hydrobee to learn when it is available for sale.


Product Specifications

Base Width x Length  6 3/4 in x 7 7/8 in
Tower Width x Length  3 5/8 in x 3 1/4 in
Tower Height  15 7/8 in
Thermoelectric Generator Width x Height  2 13/16 in x 4 in


Below are links to explanation and demonstration videos. All that is left is to #fireupsomepower